White Noise Studio, Winterswijk

White Noise Studio – Recording Mixing Mastering – Winterswijk (NL)

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White Noise Studio is run by Marlon Wolterink. The studio located in Winterswijk, The Netherlands.

We specialize, in no particular order, in producingrecordingmixing and mastering.
The music we have worked on ranges from freejazz to grindcore, via death metal , electronica, pop music and reggae.
We work with the band to get the best result.
Whatever works best for the music is the path we always follow, we don’t settle with one fixed way of working,

We work in a hybrid setup, a combination of soft- and hardware. Also, we supply additional amps, instruments and outboard gear which artists can chose from when they come record at the studio.

Check out our blogs and pages for an in depth view on how we work. Check out the playlists below to hear an overview of some of the music we have worked on.

Or pricing is based on €25,- per working hour ex VAT. We usually work with a price per project.
Don’t hesitate to Contact us to get an idea for the project price, we can most probably work with any given budget.