White Noise Studio, Winterswijk

Sennheiser MD21 Dynamic Microphone test

Sennheiser MD21

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Sennheiser MD21 Microphone test


The studio has 2 vintage Sennheiser MD21’s in it’s mic locker. We have made some quick and dirty drum recordings in the studio to demonstrate how the Sennheiser MD21 sounds in a few setups.

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Pearl CZX 24” Bassdrum demonstration

Pearl 24'' CZX Bassdrum restored White Noise Studio 1

Pearl CZX 24” Bassdrum demonstration

The latest additition to the studio inventory is a Pearl 24″ CZX maple Bassdrum.
Build like a tank with it’s 12mm shell, it’s also loud. Sound wise it has plenty of low end, easily going down to 45 hz and a strong mid punch and attack.
What’s works better then explaining? A listening example.
I recorded a few rhythms with this kick, which you can listen to in this blog.

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