How to mix audio Perfectly for TikTok – Loudness secrets revealed!

tiktok loudness sectres

TikTok Loudness Normalisation You’ll learn in this article how exactly Tiktok does it’s loudness normalisation, the secrets to this are revealed 😉 A lot of users use Tiktok on their phone and use one of the stock audio or music tracks of TikTok. But more and more content creators are stepping up their game with professional […]

Brainworx SSL 9000J vs 4000G vs 4000E

ssl4000e vs ssl4000g vs ssl9000j

Brainworx SSL 9000J vs 4000G vs 4000E In this video I will go over the differences in sound between the SSL4000E, the 4000G and the brand new SSL9000J plugins by Brainworx, so you can choose which ones are the best for you. The link below has the mixes with the SSL4000E, SSL4000G and SSL9000J.Every […]

Studio Kabel soldeer schema’s

Dual mono jack left right to stereo jack schematic

Kabels Solderen : Kabel soldeer schema’s. Daar gaat dit blog over. In het nederlands. De engelse versie vind je hier. Want: eens in de zoveel tijd komt het weer boven drijven: je moet kabels solderen. De meeste kabels die ik in de studio gebruik om al mijn spullen te verbinden zijn door mezelf gesoldeerd terwijl ik […]

Cannibalistic Sqvirrel – Verkoopmannetje :Thrash Metal Mix Deconstructed

Hey, in this blog I’m going to show you how I mixed a thrashmetal song. The song is called ‘’Verkoopmannetje’’, it is a thrashmetal song, it’s sung in dutch, and it has a oldskool metallica vibe going on. So this blog is about the breakdown of a thrashmetal mix of a song by the band […]

Bass and Low End. How to add it in a mix with a Drain Pipe or Tube

Hi, Adding bass and extending low end with a drain pipe. That’s what this blog is about. If you ever have hit a drain pipe, you’ll know the tube will produce a sound. Depending of it’s length and diameter, the pipe produces a certain tone. The pipe I use in the video produces an ‘’E’’ […]

Snare Drum Re-Amping: How to do it

Snare Drum Re-Amping

Hi, In this blog I’ll write a bit about the technique called ”Snaredrum re-amping”. Snare drum re-amping is the re-recording of the bottomsnares of a snaredrum. I’ve also started a youtube channel and the first video is on this exact topic, which explains it all with audio and video examples: Reasons to do snaredrum reamping: There can […]

Cable Soldering Schematics

Unbalanced mono left right jacks to XLR Female schematic

Once in a while this pops up:
Cable soldering.
Here are some common cable soldering schematics which I use and which will help you out.