Dead Neanderthals - Craters - White Noise Studio

Recorded October 2015
Mixed and mastered November 2016

released March 17, 2017

c&p Dead Neanderthals / Consouling Sounds
Cover photograph by Maria Louceiro

Dead Neanderthals collaborated with french bassplayer Maxime Petit. For the album “Craters”. The recording of the bass, the mix and master were done with at White Noise Studio.

For this session, we arranged an Ampeg svt3-pro for Maxime to play on.We recorded the bass amp with 5 mics: A BPM CR76 condenser for main sound, a yamaha subkick for low end only and a DI track. 2 roommics were used, both were Sennheiser MD21’s.

Otto and Rene later added their parts themselves before everything was mixed and mastered at White Noise Studio.

To achieve that doomsday bass sound for Dead Neanderthals – Craters, one effect chain was key. I set a send reverb effect on the roommics.  A gate before the reverb and eq made sure only frequenties above 3khz were passed to the reverb, so everytime Maxime played louder or the amp saturated in the hi end the hi freqency reverb was triggered. This gave an really loud feel to the bass, as if the room really was excited by the bass.

Otto and René added their own parts, like said before. A dark deep bassdrum, a cymbal drone, a cracked cymbal drome, 2 sax tracks and 2 synthtracks were added. One of them being a flingco box track.

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