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Gates – Throne of Light

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Gates – Throne of Light Mastering

Toronto based band Gates asked me to master the first of an upcoming series of tapes, based on their ”Palace Of Mirrors” album.

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Mastered october – november 2016.

Bandcamp: https://gatesritual.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gates.drone
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/spectralgates


[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As taken from the bands’ bandcamp:


A further exposition from the Palace of Mirrors: First in a series of four tape editions. Each one named after and based off one of the four pieces that make up the album ‘Palace of Mirrors’. Each presenting a specific modality and conceptual form related to the piece of music it is named after. Each track on Palace of Mirrors represents the distillation of several versions of the compositions through various methods and forms and these recordings represent that process.

The albums tracks each have a corresponding sigil, created by Stephen Wilson, which are herein used to mark each set of material, each tape, linking it to it’s specific parent track. Essentially marking doors that lead to different chambers where you will find the world that the pieces inhabit.

Throne of Light draws from the symbolism of Jungian psychology and archetypes which further delve into various rebirth and transformation mythologies. Unfold the titles and you will find illumination.

The download will also include the album version of Throne of Light (bonus track) and a remix/reinterpretation of the same, created by Tim Condon of Fresh Snow, bookending the other tracks.

The Throne Of Light master:

5 tracks were to be mastered. 4 new mixes. One track already had been mastered ( throne of light album version)  by James Plotkin for the album and needed to fit the rest of the tracks.

The thing I would like to shed some light on are the tracks “The Cave of Sleepers” and the track “The Verdant One”. Reason for this was that these 2 tracks were most similar soundwise to the albumtrack with their wall of sound guitars.

I spilt the track up into 3 tracks. A bass part with a left and right version and the midrange to hi end part.
The bass was different volumewise on the left and right side for both tracks and I went for that wall of sound. That ment having a similar push in the low end on left and right. I automated the low end to have a more constant level. These two were routed to their own group.  In this group, I made sure the low end got compressed to have some mid low constant push. The low mid to hi end track was then seperately checked for off balances and tweakes were needed. This track and the low end group then were combined and mastered. I added a bit od stereo delay to these tracks to add width and depth. A reverb wasn’t fitting here.

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