White Noise Studio, Winterswijk

Hollywoodfun Downstairs – White Noise Sessions

HollywoodFun Downstairs – White Noise Sessions.

The band Hollywoodfun Downstairs from Wellington in New Zealand plays Europa a lot. On the 21st of november 2016 they visited the White Noise Studio to do a White Noise Session.

Musically, the band plays a sort of new wave post punk. Just bloody energetic. At the time of the session, they were a trio. At the time of writing, they will tour europe again, but as a duo with Kurt Williams on guitar and vocals and Joe Wright on drums.

They have done something smart with their backline for touring. Since Hollywoodfun Downstairs plays europa a lot and don’t live here, they are always depended on other’s for they backline or they need to rent it.But the band figured out they were off cheaper to buy a complete backline and put it in storage where they rent the touring van instead. Smart move.

They performed a very energetic and raw session, which resulted in a studio room smelling like musicians. It took 2 days to get rid of their smell..

Right now, in April 2017, they are touring again.

Check out their schedule here:

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