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Louis Minus Seize – Kindergarten Mastering

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On monday the 24th of march 2014, Louis Minus Seize from Lille, France released their new album titled “Kindergarten” The mastering of this album was done by me, just as the recording and mix of track “La Marche”

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The goal of mastering this album was to increase the depth of the audio as well as to make it more hifi.

One of the processes involved was passing the entire album through tape which helped the depth and punch of the drums. Of course, this introduces a form of noise which is not wanted everywhere, so in the very silent parts audio which wasn’t recorded through tape was edited in.

The first track “La Marche” was recorded during the mrmunchkin streams session Louis Minus Seize did in september 2013. They liked it so much, they wanted to include it on their album. A nice compliment ūüôā

Of course, the mix for this track was different then of the rest of the album. Instead of adressing the mixed down track I went back to the original mixproject and changed the mix in there. If you have the possibility, why not use it ūüėČ Sometimes, it’s just better to make changes in the mix rathen than in the master since you can change individual elements easier.

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