Mastering is the final step in the chain of writing, recording and mixing in which you want to make sure every idea you put in the music comes out the way you intended. It makes sure your music sounds on the same level with other (commercial) tracks and albums. It’s an extra pair of fresh ears to listen to your music.
You can name it the icing on the cake, the final layer of polish.

Mastering workflow:

My philosophy for mastering is: whatever the music needs!

I’ll do my utter best to get the best out of the audio which will suit the music best. Not a ”one standard method” for every master, no preset frenzy. 
It will mean most of the time improving depth and clarity in the mix.
If wished or needed, I can also add character to the master in ways of saturation and band specific distortion.
I always make sure the audio translates well on every audio device.

We work with a hybrid setup, combining the best qualities of digital vst plugins and analogue outboard gear. So we work ”in the box” and out of the box. Outboard gear like analogue EQ, saturation, tape deck and compressors can and will be used. 

A lot of recordings done at the White Noise Studio get mastered here too.
And all White Noise Sessions get mixed and mastered here as well :

We’ve mastered audio for several media types such as digital releases, vinyl, CD’s and cassette tape. You can count on us for making sure every format get’s the right fitting master.
Masters can be delivered in various ways: wavs, aiff, flac, mp3, DDP, Cue, ISO, CD. Just to name the most common.


It really depends on the length of the song and the amount of work needed.
More songs will lower the total price.

Contact me for an exact price fitting for your project!

Here’s an overview of music mastered at White Noise Studio:

Marlon Wolterink

Marlon Wolterink

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