Having a great mix is a very important of having a great release.
At White Noise Studio, we mix a lot for other artists and pretty much all recordings done at White Noise Studio are mixed by us too at the studio.
So for us it doesn’t matter if we work on audio we recorded with you or work on audio you have recorded by yourself or at a different studio. We work with all sorts of material.


In the mixing process we use a hybrid setup. That means we use both outboard analogue gear and vst plugins to have the best from both worlds.
All outboard hardware we use is available as hardware inserts in our DAW of choice: Cubase.
This gives us the flexibilty to add analogue mojo wherever we feel it would benefit the song, regardless of track and song.
We might do some re-amping or pass drums through an amp and record the roomsound of it to blend back in.
We do all sorts of stuff if needed to make sure the track will sound as great as possible.

How does the mix process go?

Let’s say we mix a song which you recorded yourself.
If possible, always provide a mix you have done yourself for us to have as reference and guideline for global balance and used effects etcetera.
Your input is very important for us to create a mix you’ll love.

We receive the tracks sent by you. Sites such as dropbox or wetransfer are very useful for that, or you could drop a usb stick.
We import the tracks and check them all to have them optimized before mixing.
This could mean for instance we do some cleaning up or remove some clicks and pops.
A rough balance will be done and from there we make mix decisions, adjusted, automated and tweak until we have a version
of which we feel we can send to you to have your input on.

From there we do a few more revisions until we’re all happy and satisfied with the mix.
The mixes we send are normally close to a final master, or even a final master.
We believe the mix should be as finished and ready as possible.

How long does the mixing take?

It really differs from project to project.
We had 20 minute 24 track metal songs which took 25 hrs to mix , pop songs which had 120 tracks which we did in 6 hours and for instance album mixes which took a few hundred hours.
It really depends on the complexity of the song material and the way it is recorded. 


We usually work with a fixed price per project. 
Don’t hesitate contact us to get an idea for the project price, we can most probably work with any given budget!

Marlon Wolterink

Marlon Wolterink

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