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Pearl CZX 24” Bassdrum demonstration

Pearl CZX 24” Bassdrum demonstration

The latest additition to the studio inventory is a Pearl 24″ CZX maple Bassdrum.
Build like a tank with it’s 12mm shell, it’s also loud. Sound wise it has plenty of low end, easily going down to 45 hz and a strong mid punch and attack.
What’s works better then explaining? A listening example.
I recorded a few rhythms with this kick, which you can listen to in this blog.

The used setup for these roomy sounding recordings is as follows:

Bass drum: Pearl CZX 24” with Remo Ambassador clear skins, Sennheiser e602 inside the kick pointing at the beater. Yamaha Subkick at the resonant skin , Rode NT1 at 1,5 meter from the resonant head.
Snare : Mapex Black Panther recorded with SM57. No overheads, just 2 roommics. Neumann KM184’s are placed at about 1,5 meter in front of the drumkit at 2 meters height.


The mics of the bass drum and snare are timealigned, phase of the snare is flipped.
Snare has a mid eq boost around 3k and is twice compressed to enhance the attack and resonance.
Room mics and rode nt1 got compressed too, to enhance the roomsound and create a bigger sound.
They are lowpassed to reduce the cymbals a bit.
Bassdrum did not get any signal processing. Just mics and a fixed level.

Check the image gallery. Click on the photo for more pictures.

Pearl CZX Restoration:

The bassdrum had, before restoring, a very bad paintjob. Eneven black frame paint. I knew it was a Pearl CZX bassdrum, so it should have a bird’s eye maple finish. After sanding a bit of the bassdrum hoop this was confirmed. So after removing all of the hardware the whole shell was sanded with several gradations of sanding paper ending up around p1000. The original clear lacquer was still present and I added a few coats of clear lacquer on top of that. The shell was finished with some thorough sanding and polishing.
The hoops were quite beat up and not restorable to the natural bird’s eye maple look. I chose a metallic black as finish for them. The hoops are sanded and holes were filled. After the black metallic finish a few coats of clear lacquer were added to finish the hoops.
All hardware was cleaned and polished before mounting again.
This all took about 3 weeks on and off.

Choice of skins:

The bassdrum came fitted with a Remo pinstripe as batter head and a no name black resonat head.

I didn’t really like the sound of that combination and wanted a open, big sound and a versatility with damping. I always use Remo Powerstroke 3’s which are basically Remo Ambassadors with a damping ring, so I went for clear Remo Ambassadors. Clear versions so it becomes easy to see where you place the mic inside the bassdrum. A little pillow is all the damping needed for the batter head to get that big, open sound with lots of low and and a hefty mid punch.

A total different sound then the Pearl 22 inch Masterworks bassdrum in the studio which was the goal. Different sounds for different drummers, music and goals.

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