The one tapestop plugin to rule them all?

YUM audio tapestop does almost exactly what the name says, but it also ofcourse does tape starts.

Big plusses for me are the option to sync the tapestart and tapestop to the tempo of the project.

Play Video about yum audio tapestop


When you set it to milliseconds it will be a max of just under 10 seconds.
But when you set the tapestop plugin to tempo sync, the max will be 4 bars.
These 4 bars aren’t capped at a maximum of 10 seconds.
When the tempo of the project is slower, you can have an even longer start and stop.


yum audio tapestop temposync

The start and stop work independently of eachother, which is nice, and the same goes for the temp sync and millisecond setting.

The tapestop plugin also offers the ability to start and stop in a lineair way or with a logarithmic curve.
And to round it off there are 3 ways to influence the sound and add artifacts to the start and stop.


yum audio tapestop sound settings

Tapestop Sound Settings

Flux wil introduce more wobble to the sounds, muffle adds a hicut filter and  dust adds crackle and ‘’dusty’’ artifact s to the sound.

I personally prefer to have the tape start to be clean and the tape stop to have these additional artifacts, and these cannot be set independently.
The good thing is that each parameter can be automated, which is something which you should do in the mix with this plugin anyway, so you can set the sounds like that.

If the pricing of the plugin is worth for you, you need to decide for yourself.
it’s 75 euros with 15% off for the introduction.
If you use tapestop effects on a regular basis this is a great plugin for that exact effect, if you use it once in a while the pricing may be a bit steep. Decide for yourself.