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White Noise Recording Studio in Winterswijk, The Netherlands. Our passion is to record and produce great productions!
You, the musician comes first. You probably have spend countless hours on writing and working on your material. Now you want to be sure it get’s recorded and mixed the best way possible! If you come to record in my studio I’ll make sure it’s done as relaxed and smooth as possible. Don’t expect me to be a producer / engineer who constantly dictates what you need to play. See me as a temporarily extra member of the band. I work WITH the band to get the best result. That will most likely includes exchanging ideas, doing suggestions etc. My mixes sound if you have to give it a name, honest. In your face, thick, compact. Pro. Respectful yet uncompromising.

Recording philosophy:

My general rule of thumb is: whatever sounds best! While I’m definitely not afraid to experiment when needed I’ll also use proven recording techniques in the recording studio. I’ll regularly post in our blog on this. If it means we’ll use 1 microphone to get the best result we’ll do it and if it means using 5 microphones we’ll do it too. In other words: whatever sounds best.

The Recording Studio:

The recording studio is located at the Koningsweg 52A in Winterswijk and offers 2 rooms: A recording room of 24m² and a control room of 13 m². Both rooms are built with the goal to be versatile in use and with a reliable acoustic. Through the use of movable acoustic panels the acoustic can be changed quickly and easily from ”live” to ”dry”. These so called gobos make sure we have a perfect acoustic setting suited for every recording. My primary DAW for mixing and mastering is Steinberg’s Cubase. We have all the latest plugins but like to work with outboard gear too. Again, whatever sounds best. I use converters of RME. The speakers for listening used are Adam s2a, Sonic Munro Egg 150 and Auratone speakers. Microphones are used of Sennheiser, Neumann, AKG, Rode, Shure, BPM, Audio Technica, and Yamaha ( Subkick ) A complete list of equipment can be found under Gear.

How much time takes the recording and mixing?

That all depends on a few things:
  • What exactly you want to record
  • How many persons and instruments there are involved
  • how many extra tracks and overdubs we will record.

A few examples:

To record an EP of a well prepared 4 piece rockband ( drums, bass, guitars and multiple vocals ) I usually spend around 16 hours. That’s recording, mixing and mastering. To record an rap-ep of 5 tracks for which the rapper brings his own backing tracks I can be done within 7 hours. The Disabuse – Death Machines and Lou Patty EP recordings which included recording, edits, mix, multiple vocal overdubs etc. took more then 100 hours all in all. In other words, contact me to get a good estimate on the time needed and the price. No project is the same.

What options for recording and mixing are possible at the White Noise Recording Studio?


Multitrack recording using overdubbing.

We’ll track each member seperately, mostly starting with each member recording seperately. Some members can play a long as backing, or use a pre recorded demo. You’ll have a lot of control over the recording, finely tuning and changing the recorded parts when needed.

Everyone together in the recording room.

This way you get a sort of stage feel of rehearsal room setup. This is what’s used for the White Noise Sessions and lately with Ides Of May and Rise Above If needed, we will use gobos to isolate the instruments a bit more or to adjust the acoustics. Vocals we can record where we want in, in the control room or in the recording room. Most of the time, a combination of live tracking and overdubs is used by the artists.

Just recording:

Of course, the recording studio is prefectly suited to do recording only. We will record everything needed and you can take the recorded tracks back home to work with in whatever way you want. For instance, use the White Noise Studio to record your drums in a good way and add your own recording later at home. Just make sure you bring an usb storage device for the files or I’ll send it with wetransfer.

Mixing tracks:

This get’s done by me too: mixing tracks which are recorded somewhere else. These days, you see more and more musicians doing their own recordings. What’s often missing is a good, reliable enviroment to mix in and my set of ears. Send me your tracks to mix and I’ll make sure the mix will sound great according to your wishes. Of course, If I notice some small changes in recording will improve your recordings, I’ll won’t hesitate to mention it. I’ll be happy to come over and assist in doing your own recordings.


Contact me for the best fitting pricing options.
Marlon Wolterink

Marlon Wolterink

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