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Splinters – Awkward Stones

Splinters – Awkward Stones mastering

Splinters - Awkward Stones front White Noise Studio

Splinters is a trio from Paris, France.
They asked us to do the mastering of their second album ”Awkward Stones”

Splinters – Awkward Stones

Bandcamp : https://thisissplinters.bandcamp.com/album/awkward-stones
Mastered at White Noise Studio by Marlon Wolterink
Releases February 7 2018 

by Marlon Wolterink

The band consists of members Lawrence Williams on voice, guitar and saxophone, Marco Quaresimin on bass and Guillaume Béguinot on drums. It was recorded and mixed between Lawrence Williams and Benjamin Glibert.
The artwork was done by Julien Bourgeois.
They asked me to do the mastering of ”Awkward Stones” their second album.

The mastering of the ”Splinters – Awkward Stones” album was largely about adressing the differences in sound between the acoustic guitar vocal tracks and the full band tracks while making sure the album had an uniform sound. The tracks where seperately recorded and mixed by Lawrence and Benjamin. It was my task top make sure it all came together as a whole.

The band tracks were used as a sort of blueprint for the entire albumsound since they are harder to adjust, having a full band in the mix.
Often, when you adress one piece of a musical element ( like vocals) other problem areas come to surface. Cloaking of frequencies is a major cause of that. 
Mainly, the vocal was adjusted most, having som mid range resonances and harshness. Of coarse, tweaking the overall balance of tracks to help lift the music to an higher level was done on every track. 


Bandcamp: https://thisissplinters.bandcamp.com/album/awkward-stones
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ThisIsSplinters/