Moog MoogerFooger Plugin Bundle

Moog has finally brought their moogerfooger pedal lineup to your computer in plugin form and all 7 moogerfooger pedals have been emulated.
They sound absolutely wonderful and go from subtle effects to extreme effect processing
Unless you have been living under a rocks for the last 2 decades, you will have heard of these pedals.

Visually, its obvious Moog used the exact layout of the pedals, they are not resizable unfortunately but are big enough to work on any screen.
Get it here: Moog Moogerfooger Plugin Bundle

The MF101s filter is the classic of these pedals and with good reason. It gives

you THAT moog 2 and 4 pole filter ladder sound.

With the MF101s its really easy to get that buildup filter effect you want and
Make sure you set the right amount and resonance and turn up the frequency
dial. Also turn down the mix control to get that perfect filtersweep.

This pedal is also known for its great envelope following.
That means it will react to the incoming level of the audio.


MoogerFooger MF101s Filter

The MF102s is a ring modulator.
in combination with the lfo, which is syncable to the tempo of the project, you
can get that typical ring you expect from an effect like this.

The original pedals could use CV so one pedal can influence the other and this
is also included with the moogerfooger plugins. All moogerfooger plugins in your
project can see eachother and you can virtually patch them.



MoogerFooger MF102s Ring Modulator

The MF-103s is a 12-Stage Phaser , it can also switch to 6 stage and it sounds smooth

MoogerFooger MF103s Phaser

The Moogerfooger MF 104s Delay is another gem.

besides having a lovely analog sound to it, there’s this LFO which let you do
all sorts of weird things with the delays.

By default it seems this is a mono delay, and I was first slightly disappointed
by that until I opened the settings menu. Here you can set many things,
including pingpong delay so the pedal does give you a stereo delay.

MoogerFooger MF104s Delay

The MF105s MURF is a whole different beast.
It combines a resonant filter bank with a pattern generator and envelope.
and really adds very interesting filter based patterns to any sound.

MoogerFooger MF105s MurF Filter Bank

MF107s is the Frequency box.
This basically let’s the incoming audio trigger an oscillator

MoogerFooger MF107s Frequency Box

I am not really feeling this one to be honest, maybe you do, but fortunately there’s the
The Moogerfooger  MF108s and its a Moogerfooging Clusterflux.

And boy, does it sound THICK.

You can really push the plugins,

either with the drive which is input, and also with the output. You can really crank them, which will result in distortion, clipping and what not more.
BUT this will not result in clipping on your audio track, all of this distortion happens inside the plugin and the level will not exceed -0,1 dB

I am really impressed by this bundle, its basically if you know a certain classic effect you can dial it in with the 7 plugins in this moog moogerfooger bundle.
This doesn’t mean you cannot get similar results with other plugins ofcourse, but the moogerfooger bundle is in my top 5 for 2022 so far.

Get the bundle here: